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Perfect~Prompt 007~Food Ten/Rose

Title: Perfect
Author: wiccagal_1996
Fandoms: Doctor Who 
Characters: The Tenth Doc/Rose 
Rating: NC-17 (Very)
Disclaimer: RTD & Aunty Beeb own DW, I'm gaining nothing except a smutty vocabulary off this.
Summary: The Doctor and Rose attempt dinner, it doesn't quite go according to plan 
Prompt: Written for 50_smutlets prompt #007, Food~table two. 
Word Count: 1,103
A/N: Thanks to pheonix_iz_me for help and encouragement.



She was pretty sure the candles weren't meant to be nitro nine dynamite and Creme Brulie wasn't supposed to taste like tar. The oven hadn't ever made that screeching noise before and smoke inhalation on a first date was so not sexy.

The meal had been an unmitigated disaster. She'd ended up with scorch marks on her favourite top and some sort of sauce in her hair. One thing was for sure though, he certainly knew how to put on a show.

All things told, Rose has known better dinner dates involving brawls and bar stools, and yet she just can't seem to bring herself to care. Not when the Doctor has got his over active tongue firmly imbedded in between her thighs.

Rule number one~When faced with a haughty Time Lord covered in over cooked remnants of Duck ala Orange~Don't laugh.

Laughter had turned into a food fight, with hot fudge sauce and squirty cream. Squirty cream had resulted in raised eyebrows and gauntlets being thrown, and damn if she hadn't 'cried uncle' as quick as humanly possible. Now she's being pinned to the table with the Doctor lapping at her clit and it's all her own fault. He's been literally ravishing her for about twenty minutes with no signs of needing to come up for air. Do Time Lords have special lungs, can they go for indefinite amounts of time without taking a breath? He's certainly lending considerable weight to the theory.

Every time, every time she comes close to unravelling around him he pulls back just enough to keep her dangling on the edge. She's never felt pleasure quite like it. A subtle shift in tempo and he has her keening and pumping her hips in time to his rhythm. The slightly rough feel of his tongue rasping over the sensitive nerves of her clit coupled with the two fingers steadily working in and out of her twitching pussy is sending her senses into overload.

If he doesn't let her cum soon she is going to have to finish the job herself. He's just being mean, mean and down right rude. The fact she can feel him smirking against her heated skin makes it ten times worse. She's begged, pleaded, even resorted to threats and yet..close but still no cigar.

She writhes and shivers around his tongue 'Please' he pays no attention, softening the strokes and lengthening the sweeps 'Doctor please' she resorts to fucking his tongue, grinding against his mouth. In amongst all the whispered plea's and curses she can just make out the bastard smirking again. Fine, if he wants to play dirty then she's game.

With some effort she unclasps her hand from the table cloth and snakes it down her belly, scratching her nails lightly over the skin. Any touch is electric now, bringing sparks of sensation to burst behind her eyelids. Finally finding what she needs she slips her fingers underneath his tongue, applying almost painful amounts of pressure, she begins to rub herself.

It takes him a second to realize he's no longer tasting her saliva slicked clit but when it finally dawns on him he gives a muffled growl. The sight of Rose bringing her self off while his fingers are still working her into a complete mess of need is too much.

Snatching her hand away, he crawls up her body, still managing to rest one foot on the floor. Hooking his other leg over her, he grinds his cloth clad cock into her aching centre. Showing her exactly what she's been doing to him and how much he's wanted her from the minute they started this. Grunting in satisfaction he watches her eyes slam shut and her body arch into his.

Fumbling between them he drags the zipper of his trousers down and frees his erection. It bobs between them for a second before he's guiding himself to her twitching entrance. She's so wet and hot he could already feel her through the cloth, now he's skin to skin he thinks she may actually burn him.

Not having the will power for niceties he slams into her, fully sheathing himself inside her tight hot cunt. He stills, the feeling of being completely wrapped in her threatens to send him straight over the edge.

She whimpers and wriggles her hips needing him to move. She's been waiting an eternity for him to fuck her senseless and she needs him to move, now.

Together enough to move without spilling himself inside her, he begins to fuck her like his life depends on it. He pistons his hips, no sense of rhythm just harsh hard thrusts. There's a raw aching need radiating off his every movement. Each time he slides back inside her he can feel her walls tighten, pulling at him like she wants to devour him, starting with his cock. Each downward stroke elicits a deep guttural moan from her and an incoherent grunt from him.

Never one to be passive for long, Rose swivels her hips, arching up to meet his every thrust. She can see tiny little droplets of sweat gathering on his forehead. His face contorts in pleasure, it's almost frightening. His lips are pulled back tight around his teeth, baring them like an animal ready to take a bite out of her.

He digs his fingers into her hip as if to try and stop her movements. He looks her straight in the eye, 'Please' that one word gives Rose complete power. He's begging her, pleading with her to stop what she's doing. Suddenly she can feel the tension in his body, muscles taught and straining with the effort, the effort not to come undone.

The wolfish grin she gives him is all the answer he's going to get. She wants him to come apart at the seams and she'll be the one to tug at the threads. Speeding her movements, twisting her hips first one way then the other, she starts to twitch the walls of her pussy milking him of all his strength.

Giving into the need he pumps himself into her once, twice more and he's crashing into his orgasm, filling her with his release.

Feeling him pumping himself inside her is all Rose needs to fall completely off the edge of reality. Her eyes widen and her mouth opens in a perfect 'O' of satisfaction as every muscle in her body contracts.

Gulping air like they've been running for their lives, they both look up at the same time, identical smiles of sated satisfaction plastered all over their faces. 'So, good dinner?' 'Perfect'

Et, voila'

Tags: 10/rose, 50 smutlets, fic, smut
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